5 Best Practices for Future Proofing your Business

Vikas Kapoor • Sep 2022 • 3-minute read

Disruptive technology is not going away and is here to stay. While this sounds really like a paradox, it’s nevertheless true. The third era of IT and the fourth industrial revolution are all means to one end - A global connected customer experience.

The most crucial of connections is not between business processes, data, or software but people. A connected enterprise is all about forging enhanced relationships between its customers, partners, and vendors. Future-proofing the solutions you deliver ensures the longevity of such relationships.

Here are 5 best practices that will make sure your business stands the test of time and technology.

  • 1. Integrate with innovative ideas

    An enterprise operating in silos cannot deliver a truly connected customer experience. Streamline your business processes with innovation and ideation.

    Identify challenges and transform them into opportunities. For example, a global investment management leader upgraded their reporting tool solution realized that there were hundreds of reports in a foreign language.

    Tech Brains delivered a rule-based, heuristic, and predictive utility to auto-test the reports, thereby future=proofing further upgrades.

  • 2. Silverline your clouds

    As you organization grows, it is likely that the different software applications and tools used by various teams will staggeringly increase, making the IT landscape quite difficult and complex to maintain.

    However, modernizing your legacy infrastructure comes with its own challenges. A thorough study of your organization’s historical and behavioural data shall help define a future-proof cloud strategy.

    As a certified cloud managed services provider, we help our clients build a successful roadmap for future transformations, anticipating technology disruptions.

  • 3. Ensure value retention

    A successful organization is identified as much by its adaptability to change as by its retention of core values and ability to not lose sight of its original vision. When it comes to values and vision, keeping hold of your most valuable resources, namely human resources, is of utmost significance.

    Continuous mining of conversational channels and proactive approach in understanding the skills and aspiration of talent can help unearth the best of human capital suitable for the digital age.


    our talent mapping framework aims at enabling the best resource fit ensuring maximum productivity and retention.


    our collaborative learning sessions are aimed at cross-skill enhancement with continuous learning and growth for employees.

  • 4. Develop a smarter development strategy

    Shifting focus from product development to platform engineering and developing scalable APIs will ensure that your application development strategy is future-proofed.

    Also check out the five strategic actions that application leaders must take to future-proof their applications by Gartner.

  • 5. Future proof your Data

    Real-time analytics on data powered by AI has drastically changed the data and analytics landscape of businesses and it’s not going to get any simpler as your organization grows.

    Unifying all data sources comes with its own threats of security and mining issues.

    A hybrid approach of augmenting your existing data warehouse with a cloud-hosted data lake and upgrading your business intelligence tools should prove effective.

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